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What makes Icon Digital different than most?

Our Motto

Yes. Just like Jim Carrey’s movie ‘Yes Man’, we say yes. YES! Lucky for you, 9 times out of 10 we can do it blindfolded, but for those special 1 out of 10 moments (the part that we love), we make sure it happens, and won’t stop until you love it. When we say we’ll do it, we do it. When we say we can’t, it’s because the laws of physics just won’t allow it to happen.

Our Expertise

Magical Unicorns. Our team at Icon Digital is small, but what we do have are a very particular set of skills. Skills we have acquired over very long careers. Our Designers, Developers, Search Specialists and Support Team are involved with each and every project, making sure the best possible solution leaves our hands and is delivered into yours.

Our Goal

To always be of value to our customers. Simple. Be it through web design, support, management or digital marketing, you deserve our best. As long as we strive for this, we will always continue to grow, learn and serve a purpose.

Our Strengths

We take pride in our work and continue to develop our craft all the time. If there is a way of doing something we are yet to experience, our team at Icon Digital we will find a way.

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We’re based in Sydney!

Based in Sydney, we build and manage websites using the latest technology and industry standard measures. We help businesses get online and allow them to focus on what matters most to them. We offer WordPress Web Design, eCommerce Stores, Hosting, Design and much more!

Sydney Office:

Level 27/1 Farrer Place
Sydney, NSW 2000

North Strathfield Office:

Level 2, 5 George Street
North Strathfield, NSW 2137