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Graphic Design

Impressions are everything. Graphic Design is more than putting a few colours and shapes together. Design allows you to communicate further with your clients and audience. A business should incorporate its design assets throughout its departments. Whether you predominantly sell, grind, market or manage in your company, having that same impression is vital for enforcing trust, authority and professionalism. There is nothing worse than selling your product or business, only to have your proposals looking horrid, your labels, your attire, your business cards, anything that requires some thought on design, needs to be looked at in order to maximise your business.

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That’s where we come in. We take pride in all of our work and make sure we offer the best possible solution for your designs.

Business Card Design

Business Card Design

Old fashioned, tiny little pieces of contact. With a digital world constantly consuming old media, isn’t it strange that business cards are still a vital aspect of networking? Have you ever tried networking or going out meeting new people only for them to ask, “Do you have a business card?” Some things can’t be replaced by the digital world. A business card, while it should be very simple and straight to the point, is an excellent hand out to give someone to further communication.


Putting your business up for everyone to see? Don’t make the mistake of randomly putting up anything to just get it out there. As we say, design is communication. When someone looks at your advertisement, what are they actually taking in? Are they engaged? Have you reached out to them? Or have you just put your name and phone number and hoped for the best? Icon Digital focuses on communication and engagement stitched together with visual design, not one or the other.
Logo Design

Logo Design

Brand is king! Whether you’re a start up business or refreshing your current look – we can help. We have designed logos for all business types. We do our research to ensure your brand hits the mark. Don’t take our word for it, test us, get in touch to see how we can add some bling.

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Based in Sydney, we build and manage websites using the latest technology and industry standard measures. We help businesses get online and allow them to focus on what matters most to them. We offer WordPress Web Design, eCommerce Stores, Hosting, Design and much more!

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